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Signs Of A Failed Fuel Injector

Signs Of A Failed Fuel Injector

At Prestige Vehicle Repairs, we have dealt with many cars with fuel injector problems.

In your car the fuel injector is located in the intake manifold or the cylinder head. Fuel injectors take fuel supplied by the fuel pump and turn this into pressurised fuel. It is then sprayed into the cylinders, creating an air fuel mixture, which enables the engine to burn the fuel easier.

Here we have provided some signs to look out for, which will indicate that you may need to have the fuel injectors removed.

Firstly, a term that is often used:
Your car is ‘misfiring’. This is when your car isn’t running how it should and you can feel that it is lacking power. When an injector gets clogged up it may stop supplying the engine with the fuel at the time it’s needed and this is what can cause the engine to misfire. This can lead to the engine overheating or damage to the catalytic converter, which can result in a costly repair.

If you have a diesel engine car, an early sign of a faulty injector is that there is a long cranking period when trying to start your vehicle. This is due to injectors leaking internally caused by a lack of pressure inside the injector and so the car takes longer to start as it is trying to build the pressure up.

If you notice leaking fuel in your car, then this could be a clear sign that your injector is faulty. This occurs when a crack is developed on the outside of an injector causing the fuel to leak from the body. If you have a leak, it is likely that you will be able to see or smell it and it will appear in the form of droplets. The result of the leak is that the engine will become less efficient as the air fuel mixture becomes weaker.

Faulty fuel injectors can have a number of effects on different parts in your vehicle and the engine performance will suffer as a result of them failing.

So if you are aware of any of these signs in your car, don’t hesitate to call Prestige Vehicle Repairs so we can fix the problem early.

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