Preventing a Breakdown with Prestige Vehicle Repairs

Preventing a Breakdown

At Prestige Vehicle Repairs we like to help you as much as we can and so here we have provided some information we hope will lower your chances of breaking down on the roadside.

In your car there are a number of components that all work together to get you from A to B. However, when just one of these parts fail, it can cause problems with a number of others so it is best to get them checked out before you get caught out.

There are different belts and a cooling system, which help to ensure your car’s engine works correctly. If these were to fail in your car, you could be left at the roadside.

The cooling system is made up of several components which include a number of different hoses. These hoses are designed to withstand heat, pressure, vibration and the chemicals found within the cooling system. They connect the engine to the radiator and to the heater core, enabling the coolant to flow between them.

However, after a period of time, the hoses can dry out and begin to crack, which can eventually create a leak or can even burst the hose. To prevent this from happening, it is recommended that you have them checked at least twice a year, at the start of summer and at the end of winter, so that any signs of them potentially failing can be spotted early before they cause even bigger problems.

The drive belts in your car provide power to a number of different parts. If the belts aren’t checked they can slip or break and this can cause the power steering and the alternator to fail. It can also prevent the air conditioning from working correctly and in some cars, if connected to the water pump, it can cause the engine to overheat.

In certain cars, you will find that the water pump is connected to the timing belt instead of the drive belt. The timing belt is what keeps the crankshaft and camshaft in sync. It opens and closes valves at just the right time and this is what enables things to run smoothly.

If the timing belt fails, it will cause the engine to stop suddenly, meaning your car will stop running and you won’t be able to start it up again, leaving you stranded. It can also cause major engine damage, which is the last thing any driver wants to hear.

So why not bring your car to Prestige Vehicle Repairs where our experienced technicians can carry out an inspection for you and decrease the risk of your car letting you down.

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